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Sill Plate Insulation

Cold Floors, Feel a Draft? Your Sill Plates Might Be the Culprit!

Sill plates are the lowermost horizontal part of your home's structure, sitting right where your house meets its foundation. They're crucial for structural integrity but often overlooked when it comes to insulation.


When this space is not insulated, cold air enters the basement while warm air escapes outside. Stop this travesty at the source. Seal this space to keep your rooms warm.

We delve into your basement, meticulously prepare the area, expertly insulate the Sill Plate, and ensure we leave your home cozier and warmer than when we arrived.

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Why Insulate your Sill plate?

DALL·E 2023-12-04 11.32.14 - Illustration of a modern, energy-efficient home interior with

Energy Efficiency:

nsulating sill plates can significantly reduce heat loss, leading to lower energy bills and a more sustainable home.

a cozy room that has sill plate insulation

Comfort Year-Round

Say goodbye to cold drafts in winter and a too-warm ground floor in summer.


Prevent Moisture and Pests

Proper insulation can deter moisture buildup and unwelcome critters.

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