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Integrated Pest Management

Take control of your home's safety and comfort with our Integrated Pest Management system, specialized to not only insulate your property but also deter and control rodent infestations.

The Illusion of a Solid Wall

At the heart of our innovative approach is the foam's ability to create an illusion for the pests. Mice and rodents are sensitive to heat, and when they encounter our spray foam, they perceive it as a solid, impenetrable wall. Unlike traditional insulation where they can sense heat and attempt to dig through, our foam confounds them, making them believe there's no way through.


Beyond Just Insulation

While the primary purpose of the Elevated Spray Foam is insulation, its closed-cell nature serves a dual purpose. It not only excels in energy efficiency but also acts as a formidable physical barrier against pests. This means you're getting a two-in-one solution: superior insulation and top-notch pest prevention.


Resistant to Rodent Activity

Unlike traditional materials like fiberglass or rock wool, which can be chewed through, our spray foam offers a robust resistance to any gnawing attempts. Its tough exterior is designed to deter any rodent infiltration, ensuring your walls remain intact and pest-free.


Personalized Approach

We understand that every home is unique, and so are its challenges. Our team specializes in tailoring solutions, especially when it comes to pest management. We collaborate closely with you to identify the root of the problem and ensure that your home is sealed properly.

"We'll Tell those Mice Who's Boss!"

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